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Okay so why go through the inconvenience of all of this? The amount of time it can take to set up is minimized and it doesn’t need to depend on some type of power grid to use it. The electric battery power of these Wi-Fi systems will be greater than that of traditional systems that need the wires. These wireless systems go on movement detection. They can work up to at least a few hundred or so feet. They can even power directly into a couple of the systems which you currently have in your home. The wonderful thing I like about going Wi-Fi is the blend into just about any wall material. If you position one of the signalling devices on a dense wall it will certainly continue to register, I am not joking.

Lighting – Be sure to take time to look at your home at night. Look for areas where there are deep shadows near windows or doors. By installing outdoor lighting or motion detecting spotlights, a burglar will be more likely to avoid your home.

Another personality type of burglar is the professional. They are to be respected because they are as quiet as a mouse, and will if surprised, or feel there isn’t any escape attack. Many professional burglars are armed with guns that will quickly do the job to get rid of you or any other witnesses. This type is highly agile, and can quickly restrain you with intimidating force from harming them. The professional is usually so good, even at entering second story houses, that you won’t have a confrontation, but never consider that it can’t happen to you.

2) Preventing entry. Locks on windows and doors, bars over windows and other easily entered areas or reinforced glass helps prevent thieves from getting into the house.

There are several different things that you need in order to set up a proper home security system. These are basic things that will make a lot of difference to the safety of your home. All you need to do is read on and find about these basic measures that you can take to make your home a safer place to live in.

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